What Happens If Pres. Trump Is Impeached?

7 minutes

There really is a lot at stake here, and especially so for us in the financial world.

Remember about 38% of America's Gross Domestic Product comes from government spending. And any change here could a major impact on industries reliant on the federal government. In times past we've seen dramatic moves from defense spending to domestic projects back and forth. And we really don't know the priorities of Vice President Mike Pence. Will he continue with Trump's priorities if he were to ascend to the Presidency? Its an open question.

But that's not all. In international trade we are right in the middle of the most dramatic reform in trade relationships in a generation or more. On the table currently are the finalization of the trade pack between the United States, Mexico and Canada. The USMCA, a rewrite of the old NAFTA agreement. And just last Friday it was announced that the US and China have come to a Phase 1 Agreement in their trading relationships.

What happens to these agreements if Trump were to be removed?

Finally the US is the largest debtor nation, by actual dollars of any country in the world. Currently having over $23 Trillion in Debt. Now the last time this debt was called into question was in 2011, when one of the major ratings agencies, Standard and Poors lowered the rating on US debt.

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