Virus Estimates Confuse Markets.

21 minutes

The nation continues to be buffeted by our leaders back and forth reaction to the Corona Virus. We saw all that on Thursday, when Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, brought us all down by declaring that we are only seeing “The First Wave” of what is likely to be a multi-wave pandemic. At least implying that we're going to be dealing with the adverse effects of this Respiratory Virus for some time.

While at almost the same time, Dr. Anthony Fauchi, dramatically reduced his estimate of the total fatalities due to Corona Virus, to somewhere around 60,000 deaths this year. Or about the same number as the ordinary flu delivers in an average year.

It was obvious that the Markets focused on the Fauchi comment, as Thursday saw this rally continued to gain some momentum.

Markets are closed today, in honor of Good Friday.

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