The Twin Dragons: Unemployment and Deflation.

7 minutes

Remember back to the beginning of this year. We had just heard of a novel, Corona Virus, that had been reported originating from the city of Wuhan, China.

We knew at the time, that it sounded bad. But we had no idea, just how bad this pandemic would become.

In the beginning we were told, that the virus had originated from a Sea Food Market, later labeled a “wet market”. Where the likely culprit was the sale of “bats” or other exotic game. Only latter would we learn of the existence of the Bio Weapons Lab also in Wuhan, which also could have been where all this began. Even today, we are not yet sure exactly where this virus originated.

But as uncertain as we are as to its origins, the results of this pandemic are all too clear. And today we will see two of its most important economic consequences.

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