The Roaring 20's.

8 minutes

There is a “meme” going around the Traders on Wall Street. The meme is that the stock markets always have a bubble during the second decade of a new century. Its the “Roaring 20's.”

The most famous of the Roaring 20's, was, of course, our own Roaring 1920's. A time of the tin Lizzy, flappers and a stock market that just wouldn't quit. When everyone became a speculator in stocks.

There is a famous story of Bernard Baruch, perhaps the most famous investor of his time. Whom Baruch College at City University of New York, is named after. In the story Baruch goes to get his shoes shined. And while their being shined, the shoe shine person is touting his favorite stock. Telling Baruch that it's a “can't miss” opportunity, and that Baruch should but some shares.”

According to the story Baruch knew at that moment that it was time to sell the market. Which he did. And shortly thereafter came the Great Crash of 1929.

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