The Phase 1 Trade Agreement.

8 minutes

So today, the US finds itself reliant on Chinese production of goods to be vital to our own economy.

The list of Chinese produced products which are dominant in the United States includes such items as: general household goods, shoes and clothing, CNN reported that its nearly impossible to go the grocery store without buying food stuffs like: spices and herbs chips and canned goods. Of course, you can't purchase an American made iPhone, they're all made in China.

And then there are some serious products, that we really couldn't do without. In a 2014 article, the New York Times reported that the US is complete reliant upon Chinese producers for out antibiotics. The Chinese have completely captured that market.

And this tells you all you need to know about how difficult these negotiations really are. Clearly we cannot cut off all trade with China, and loose our access to antibiotics.

That's unthinkable.

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