The Giving Season.

7 minutes

Forget the beautiful art, the ivy covered walls, the Gothic cathedral, the life of the average charity is a struggle to pay their bills. Beautiful buildings, priceless art, and vital services do not pay the bills.

The brutal reality is that hard cash, is what these Charities need.

And it can literally be the difference between when the lights are turned on, and when they're turned off.

And I know that's hard for most of us to believe. We look at the buildings, and the history of many of these Charities, and we just assume that they will continue on, just as they have in the past.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. Each year many charities go out of business, look at the Churches in you neighborhood, that are no longer open, or the medical support centers that have closed or combined, or the historic place that has cut back on its hours.

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