Markets Sail - For How Long?

16 minutes

Well, The year 2020 is off to a hectic start, full of shocks and surprises. We began the year with the news that the United States had killed one of the premier Iranian Generals Qasim Soliemani, the leader of the Quds division, and one of the chief instruments of terror for the Mullahs of Iran.

Next came the announcement that real progress has been made in the trade talks between China and the US. The administration announced that a Phase 1 Agreement would be signed on January 15th. However the most recent announcement by the Americans indicated that the signing may be moved back.

But no matter what the news, this market just seems to rocked ahead, with 29,000 for the Dow Industrials. It has been a remarkable climb, fueled in no small part by the accomodative financial position of the Federal Reserve, which continues to see to it that all of the markets are supplied with more than enough liquidity.

So let's take a step back, and look at the markets as they unfolded this second week of the new year.

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