Final: The Economy's "Steady As She Goes" Recovery.

29 minutes

Now I suppose that if we were to summarize the economy right now, it's steady as she goes. We continue to see improvement in the labor markets, as fewer people are now applying for unemployment benefits. Although the rate of improvement has declined.

The two outstanding areas of the MACRO economy continue to be Real Estate, where record prices for homes are being achieved OUTSIDE those cities and municipality which continue in Lock Down.

And the other area that continues to exhibit strength is all of the purchasing managers indexes. In all the different measures of the PMI, service sector, manufacturing, employment and prices. By all the measures this week, the Purchasing Managers have indicated that they are ready and willing to move this economy forward. Adding to this forward momentum was the news on Friday that Retailers are finally adding to their inventories, an indication that they see improving sales ahead.

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