China's Economy Powers Ahead, While The US Economy Flounders.

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It's the time of the year when corporate and government finance people start to see the complete picture for 2020. With just a couple of weeks to go in the year, they know by now just how the year will finish. Yes, there can be some last minute surprises. But by and large the dye is cast. The really big numbers are done.

Will the year be positive and profitable, or will it be a financial disaster? You can bet that the guys who wear the green eye shades, the accountants and financial officers have already taken the long walk to the executive suite, to let the Company's CEO just how to prepare for that annual meeting.

And although the titles are a little exactly the same thing is happening over at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, The US Treasury Building. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, already knows what the numbers are for 2020. And like a giant ship under full steam, the US Economy will not change course in the last 2 weeks.

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